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I write music for anyone that wants it, get in touch with me at xsentin3l@gmail.com

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Jimmypig's News

Posted by Jimmypig - August 2nd, 2021

Thank you everyone, love to see so many of you following my work.

I'm currently working on the next album, normally I would be posting songs up as I go but to be honest I wanted to be able to give you all a WHOLE album with all new tracks instead of just songs you've all heard before, so apologies for the wait!

I'm also having a bit of an identity crisis, I spent 2 years not knowing whether to write dubstep, prog, EDM or whatever, but that just lead to me writing poor versions of each genre. Instead I decided to just write, doesn't matter what genre, doesn't matter what tempo or style, just write.. Actually the eclectic mix of wobbles, strings, metal drums and guitar sounds fine!

Don't know what I was so worried about. Don't overthink, just do!



Posted by Jimmypig - February 28th, 2021

Good Day! Let me paint a picture....

Back in 2012 it was the height of Dubstep and also the height of my music career. I had many "Top Scored Track of the Week/Month" on Newgrounds (the first being "Hallow") and was trying desperately to get myself to the next level, signed by a record label.

I wrote a TON of music in the period 2012-2013 and most of it (that wasn't trash) was uploaded here on NG, but there were a few tracks which I never quite finished and thus never uploaded. I thought these lost to time, but a few days ago I tried to create a new drop box for some extra free space, and it said I already had an account!!

After logging in I found an old box from around that period filled with a ton of half finished songs and random samples, and so I spent the day walking down memory lane, back when life was a bit simpler and the market wasn't saturated with awful soundcloud rappers.

I have uploaded a few of my favourite "Lost Tracks" for your listening pleasure, anyone who has been following me for a long time will hopefully be able to hear that old school 2012 X Sentinel sound!

Enjoy :) and thank you for listening, it means the world to me.




Posted by Jimmypig - August 28th, 2020


Hi everyone! If you're reading this, first off thank you! This is just a quick catch up with where I am now, what I've been doing and what's going on next.

What have I been doing??

Well this year I spent mostrly working my main job and then also doing my care work. My job lets me work full time from home, and I am very lucky for that (IT nerd, 2nd line support/DevOps/Psychologist for the team).

However, COVID has caused a lot of people to leave, either through non-renewal of contracts or just the stress of it getting to them, so my workload has doubled and my team size has halved. Add to this that I am also a carer for a family member, and since I work at home I'm also doing that all day while I work!

What about the music, Jim?

Well, I've been really trying my best to write. It's been almost a year since "Painted the Sound" came out, and that was only a 6 track EP, but for all the will in the world if the motivation isn't there then you can't write! I normally get inspired on my train to work, or while wandering around the city, or sitting in the coffee shop. It's hard to get motivated by my bedroom wall for the 200th day in a row. So I've found it very hard to write anything to be real.

I did manage to pump out a banger remix for my friends Overthrone. Check out their spotify (Spotify search: Overthrone) and listen to "Floodlight, X Sentinel Remix"! (Or just check my NG profile). And I made a couple other joke raps for my two friends.

What next?

Honestly, I don't know. I think I'm going to wait until I move out which will be start of 2021 to write seriously again. I need a real workspace, and when I move out I can set up properly, a semi-real studio, not the corner of my small bedroom.

If anyone has been watching I have been uploading some of my old stuff to Spofity. I did 'Fira' last month, and 'Dreamworld' is sheduled for Sept 5th. Please, if you get the chance, follow me on Spotify for my latest releases. It really helps me get more listens when people listen to my tracks over there and heart them or put them on playlists. And I will be uploading past albums as well as some 'Best Of' stuff, and also any remixes and collabs!

It would mean a lot to me.

In the meantime I hope you all have as good a rest of 2020 as you can. Keep at it everyone, you are all so fucking talented it makes me so happy. NewGrounds is such a force of artistic brilliance, the world really doesn't know what it is missing, and some of you will go on to be huge.

Thank you all, peace!




Posted by Jimmypig - December 18th, 2019

I noticed I have been a supporter for a while now, decided to see if I could find out how. Looked into the details and saw 'Honorary Month Supporter'? What is this!



Posted by Jimmypig - December 16th, 2019

Changed my name back to Jimmypig... It's been Jimmypig since 2003, it feels wrong to change it now!


Posted by Jimmypig - December 4th, 2019

Afternoon Grounders,

So, as anyone following me may have noticed... I failed. It's a lot harder to create a song every single day than I thought. It was actually my own motivation that got me down, I tend to go up and down, one week I will be happy, the next surviving, and once I hit that day where I had no motivation I just didn't care if I failed, all I wanted to do was lie in bed.

Now I'm coming back up a bit and thinking, actually the first 6 days I did were pretty cool! So instead of forcing myself to write every day, I'm going to carry on and stick to the rules of one day per song, but no rules on what days I have to write on. If I don't feel I can do it one day then I don't do it.

365 is back on baybee!

The question is do I release it after one year, or after 365 tracks? I'm leaning more towards the one year as that seems more logical (ie how many songs I can make in one year vs how long it takes me to write 365 songs)




Posted by Jimmypig - November 24th, 2019

Good Sunday all,

So yesterday I started my next album. This album is a bit different, first off every single song on it will be created entirely within one 24 period (from midnight till midnight). That means everything from composing to mixing, to mastering and even releasing.

Secondly, it's 365 tracks long! Starting yesterday I will be releasing a track every day. It's more an experiment than an album, but it'll be damn interesting to see how I change over time and how I find way to deal with things like going on holiday, being ill, forgetting.. I'm sure there will be more than a couple of very strange songs on there... Maybe one masterpiece?

Track two is up now, if you want to follow my journey then fan me, the tracks are only going to be on NG so watch this space.




Posted by Jimmypig - November 5th, 2019

Hey all!

My latest album is, 'Painted The Sound', is finally here! It's been in the making for about 15 months now. Many cut tracks and complete disasters later I have my 6 track story.

The album is about a person losing their life in a rainy city. The spirit then goes on a journey to the next world. The album flips back and forth from the spirit to the people left behind. I hope some of you enjoy the journey, but if not then what you gonna do?


That is the playlist on Youtube, but the album is also on Google Music, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify... etc etc..

Onto the next one!



Posted by Jimmypig - July 19th, 2019

Hi all!

Been working on the new album for donkeys! (That means a long time in English) I think I started the first tracks back in august last year, I've made about 12 so far but whittled it down to 5. The other tracks were okay, but just not up to the standard I've set for this album. So there's another 2 in the works that I think will make it on... It's getting there.

Anyway I'm gonna start uploading the B-Sides to NG for people to listen to, starting now!

Love you all




Posted by Jimmypig - June 19th, 2018

Hi NG!

I finally got round to finishing my new album. It's been about 2 years since Fira came out and since then I've been working on and off on the latest album. Track 2 especially took me 6 months to complete after trashing it, then retrying over and over. The album itself is called Everest because finally finishing it felt like climbing fucking Everest, also the melody for track two "The shattered mountain" happened to fit perfectly over a picture of Everest (Genuinely didn't plan that, realised it right at the end of production after I named it).

Anyway, Everest is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Google... All the other ones. Spotify like is:



Hope you all enjoy, might be my last so have fun. And thanks everyone for being here for the journey :)

(Also 15 years old on newgrounds now!)