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I've been on NG for 20 years!

Posted by Jimmypig - January 31st, 2023

Wow... That's gone by too fast, it's pretty scary.

I still remember the first time I saw Newgrounds... Nary a young lad watching some weird English talk show where the hosts discussed the classic flash game "stab macaulay culkin in the face". I remember they were talking about the celebrities section as there were a strangely large amount of flash games where you simulated death on celebs. Of course the terrible bitmap graphics back then made them more hilarious than any sort of serious.

I tried making my own terrible flash videos too (One called "smokin' Joe" which was a terribly drawn face that silently inhales some smoking shape and blows out lines of grey then ends), but I couldn't understand the keyframes, and this was 2003 so it was NOT easy to get free guides to everything like you do now. Then I started producing music in about 2005 and have been posting all my stuff here ever since then!

And I'm glad I did, not only can I go back with a few clicks and literally listen to my own growth as a musician, but Newgrounds is the only place I ever really felt people got my songs. Back before the redesign there was a big wall of top tracks which included the top for the day, the week and of all time. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be up there, not with the likes of Paragon (who was my favourite), but I still remember the day I saw my name on the top daily, it was honestly one of the best moments of my life. After that I ended up with multiple hits in the list and I felt like I was an absolute success. I made no money but did not care a single bit, just having the Newgrounds community enjoy my music as much as they did was everything. I spent a lot of this period at home caring for a family member so my life was online, it meant so much to me.

I still write music now and get a lot of lovely listeners, of course now I'm old and rent is so high I have to work most of my free time, but there's something very comforting about knowing that when I am ready and I've made something new, I have my special place to go and share my music... just like I always did.

To 20 years on Newgrounds, and to many, many more!




Two decades. Man, what a time to celebrate!

Here's to twenty more years!

Just casually getting introduced to NG via a "stab macaulay culkin in the face" Flash lmao. XD I suppose I found this place in similar ways, back when it was similarly edgy, and at an age where that seemed like a pretty awesome thing, a stark contrast to the tame and family-friendly social web surrounding... ahh the memories!

ParagonX9's such an icon too. And for sure, feels like what makes this place special is that the people who gather here seem to do so more so over their passion for the craft (or community, no need to be a creator to get into it either) more so than intentions of monetary gain. Those who join up just looking to promote their stuff elsewhere don't last long anyway, or slowly start to embrace this place; see it differently... for the most part.

Happy 20 years good dude; hope it's still just the beginning!

Yes it was and is the community that makes this place. I always try to encourage people to share their art here for that reason!

I'll be here as long as Newgrounds is, as Im sure we all will!

is that a grey hair?

Many of them...

Hmm I should be out spreading the word too, unfortunately spend pretty much all time ON NG instead. XD

Well said! And may that be a long long time yet!

I might be drunk and I might be checking in on NG for the first time in years, but damn is it good to see some signs of life still :)

Im not dead yet!