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The Glisten Classical Song
XS - eRazeR [DubStep] Dubstep Song
XS - Pestilence Dubstep Song
Whitey Raps - Evil Hat Pop Song
Whitey Raps - crISIS Hip Hop - Modern Song
XS - A Robot's Tears Dubstep Song
Pokemon GO! Miscellaneous Song
XS -- Terminus Dubstep Song
XS - Für Elise Dubstep Song
Fira - Lost Carvings Dubstep Song
Fira - Asleep On The Horizon Dubstep Song
Fira - Sunburn Dubstep Song
Fira - The Temptation Of Knowledge Dubstep Song
Fira - The Place Between Dubstep Song
Fira - Green Ice Dubstep Song
Fira - What It's Worth Dubstep Song
Fira - Counting The Seconds Dubstep Song
XS -Triangles Dance Song
XS - Paradoxia Dubstep Song

2015 Submissions

XS - Unity [WIP] Dubstep Song
XS - Indigo Dance Song
XS - Amber Haze House Song
[NGADM] Undertow [final] House Song
XS - Sky Machine Dubstep Song
XS - Thalassophobia Dubstep Song
[NGADM] Undertow House Song
XS - Azure Dubstep Song
XS - Chrysalis Dubstep Song
XS -- Biodome Dubstep Song
XS -- Event Horizon Drum N Bass Song
XS - Eclipse Dubstep Song
XS - Terracaust Dubstep Song
XS - Only You General Rock Song
XS - Go Down House Song
XS - Unmaker House Song
XS - Douse Cinematic Song
XS - Sanctuary (NGADM14) Dubstep Song
XS - There & Back Again Dubstep Song
XS - Entry Dubstep Song
XS - Off The Table Dubstep Song
XS - Clanker's Cavern Remix Video Game Song
XS - Resolve Dubstep Song
XS - Tokyo Rain Dubstep Song
XS - Mind as a Universe General Rock Song
XS - Transforming Dubstep Song
XSentinel - Dear World Hip Hop - Modern Song
XS - Behind You Ambient Song
XS - Think Dubstep Song
XS -So Fragile Dubstep Song
XS - I Am Dubstep Song
XS - Dark World Theme Video Game Song
XS - Hurt Me Dubstep Song
XS - Ragol Dubstep Song
XS - Take The World Dance Song
XS - Rain Dance Song
XS - Supernova Dubstep Song
XS - Warming Breeze Drum N Bass Song
XS - Contact Dubstep Song
XS - Signal Dubstep Song
XS - Trapped in a Dream Dubstep Song
XS - Uproar (Remaster) Dubstep Song
X Sentinel - Lift Off Dubstep Song
XS - Leaving (Audio DM 1) Dubstep Song
Can't Live W/O Em Dubstep Song
X Sentinel - Scrapyard Dubstep Song
XS - Shards Dubstep Song
XS & GS - Game Over Dubstep Song
XS - No Clipping Dubstep Song
XS - Awaken Dance Song
XS & GirlStep - Obelisk Dubstep Song
XS - The Unmaker Dance Song
XS - Murder Mystery Dubstep Song
Dem Ah Talk (xs & Samkkv Rmx) Dubstep Song
XS - Make Me Anime Dubstep Song
XS - Pipe Dream Dubstep Song
XS - R!OT Dubstep Song
XS - Thunder Dubstep Song
XS - F.O.A.D Dubstep Song
Fall Silently (XS Remix) Dubstep Song
XS - Hallow (Feat. Veela) Dubstep Song
XS - The Missing Piece (Final) Dubstep Song
XS - Phaseolus Vulgaris (DUB) Dubstep Song
Alchemy Prevailed Classical Song
XS - Purist Death Heavy Metal Song
XS - Pixel Cannon Dubstep Song
XS - The Power of Gods Dubstep Song
XS - Silence (Final) Pop Song
cbvxdfg Miscellaneous Song
XS - Free Radical Video Game Song
XS - Titan Dubstep Song
XS - Mash up with myself Miscellaneous Song
XS - Moonlight Sonata Classical Song
XS - Mud (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
XS - A World Without You Dubstep Song
XS - Treading Blood (DubDeath) Dubstep Song
XS - Trudge Dubstep Song
XS - Laugh Dub Dubstep Song
XS - Cut From Reality [Rms] Drum N Bass Song
XS - Astrastrophy Dubstep Song
XS - The Earth (Remaster) Classical Song
XS - The Missing Piece Remast. Dubstep Song
XS - Legsweeper Dubstep Song
XS - Dragon Breath Techno Song
AC- Psycho Maker Exmpl Miscellaneous Song
XS - Spiritricity Dubstep Song
XS - Phant Dubstep Song
XS - The Missing Piece Dubstep Song
Smells like hammers Dubstep Song
XS - As You Sleep Drum N Bass Song
XS - Sunk Dubstep Song
XS - As You Wake (Remaster) General Rock Song
XS - Disintegrate Drum N Bass Song
Raepraperaep!!! Miscellaneous Loop
XS-Earths Whisper (gameloop) Classical Loop
XS - An Offering of Eternity Classical Song
XS - Dead Still Dubstep Song
XS - Link Drum N Bass Song
XS - Towering Shadows Dubstep Song
Time's Playground Miscellaneous Song
XS - Forcing Immiscible Dubstep Song
XS - Scaping the Collapse Pt.2 Miscellaneous Song
XS - Scaping The Collapse Pt.1 Miscellaneous Song
XS - Treading Air Dubstep Song
XS - Metacone Dubstep Song
CoksNpussy Dubstep Song
XS - Embers of BC Heavy Metal Song
XS - The Earth Classical Song
XS - The Takeover General Rock Song
XS - Reaper's Bellow Drum N Bass Song
XS - EarthDozer Drum N Bass Song
XS - Free [Dubstep] Drum N Bass Song
XS - Heaven's Close Video Game Loop
XS - The Malevolent Sky Drum N Bass Song
XS - Just One Thought General Rock Song
XS - Triumph Over General Rock Song
XS - Back Home General Rock Song
XS - Midnight Deity Industrial Song
XS- Stuck Here (Enter Reality) Drum N Bass Song
XS - Entering something new General Rock Song
XS - Void Drum N Bass Song
XS - Cut from Reality Drum N Bass Song
XS - Novus Orsa Drum N Bass Song
XS - The Little Note's Story Miscellaneous Loop
XS - Pirates + Drugs = Music Miscellaneous Song
X Sentinel - Cell Dance Song

2008 Submissions

XS - Piano Drum Clas CORE Miscellaneous Song
epic fail Drum N Bass Song
Dance revised Dance Song
XS - Beautiful Technology Dance Song
X Sentinel - Trigg 0 Drum N Bass Song
Gaygaygay Miscellaneous Song
XS - Heavens Close Classical Song
X Sentinel - The Grand Piano Miscellaneous Song
X Sentinel - The Itch Dance Song
X Sentinel - Black Whole Drum N Bass Song
X Sentinel - The Drip Drum N Bass Loop
Wired and High Miscellaneous Song
Goliath Rising Drum N Bass Song
Jolty Reese/Nylon Sack Bowl Drum N Bass Song
The Science [Dance] Dance Song
(X-S) Pistol Whip Drum N Bass Song
Secret Dream Drum N Bass Song
Piratecore! Heavy Metal Song
Burnt Trance Song
[8-bit] Jingrum N Baells Video Game Song
P4:- Beatblock Drum N Bass Song
P3:- Broken Link Drum N Bass Song
P2:- Chainbomb Drum N Bass Song
[Classical/Prog] Winter Chill Classical Song
P1:- Stakeout Drum N Bass Song
_Telesforzando_ [DnB] Drum N Bass Song
Euphoric loop Ambient Loop
]: CastleMania :[ (Complete) Video Game Song
]: CastleMania :[ Miscellaneous Loop
Scaping the Darkness Classical Song
[122012] Freedom and Truth General Rock Song
JxP - Eternal Circus Drum N Bass Song
CC: Instrumental Meltdown Video Game Song
DDJP - Sleepwalker Dance Song
Solitarianism Miscellaneous Song
The Mind as a Universe Miscellaneous Song
LimeNight Drum N Bass Song
Ecliptik Miscellaneous Song
DJJP - Core Meltdown Drum N Bass Song
Silversand Video Game Song
Dragon Powered Star Heavy Metal Song
Evil Close Beneath Heavy Metal Song
Nuklear Reaktor Drum N Bass Song
Transcendental Miscellaneous Song
Cyosistic Trance Song
Pulse Injection Trance Song
Send Error Report? Drum N Bass Song
Ethereality Trance Song