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Fira - The new album! DOWNLOAD HERE

2016-05-24 06:06:03 by Jimmypig


So I'm still writing, been about 10 years now, and I've just finished my lastest album Fira.

8 tracks, sitting just under 40 minutes, I've uploaded 4 tracks but hit my limit so if you want the rest right now head over to the link below and grab the album. It's pay what you want, so free if you want! Or 10,000 dollars ;)

Download link:


Hope you all enjoy it, a lot of the songs have already been up here but I wanted to make it all neat and nice. Anyway back to writing, and as always my Newgrounds fans get first listen. Thanks for the support everyone, much love.


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2016-05-24 08:47:58

10 years? Wow. I've been working on mine since March, almost done, now.

Jimmypig responds:

Haha no I've been writing music for 10 years, this album for about 6 months. Thanks for the comment though!


2016-05-24 09:04:56

Oh, now it makes sense. I've only been writing since last December.


2016-05-24 18:58:57

Awesome man, happy to drop a couple bucks on the new album to support a cool artist :3