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X Sentinels 10 Years of NG!

2013-10-25 14:52:42 by Jimmypig

So I actually hit the 10 year mark. This is the longest I have been on any site EVER, and most of those 10 years have been active.

As it stands I have 350 fans and 150 songs uploaded.

This site has given me so much inspiration to carry on writing, and to carry on being true to myself artistically. NG has never been about the money, or the scene, or status, it has always been a hub where arguably the worlds most creative flash animators, musicians, artists, games designers and scholars have come together to share their art for the love of it, for free.

I want to thank everyone on this site, I'm honored to have had so many listeners here and I can't wait for the next ten years.



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2013-10-25 15:22:22

Congrats on hitting ten years! I was gonna follow you but... I ALREADY DO!

Jimmypig responds:

O LAWD that's an honour, I am humbled sir.

Thanks for the listens, NG is pretty cool too ya know? ;)


2013-10-25 15:23:07

Transforming is awesome, btw.


2013-10-26 03:27:09

ye ye congratsu!
Here's to another decade on NG!

Jimmypig responds:

Yes! I hope by then I will have become A-bot >:3


2013-10-26 13:37:56

I shall follow you!
Now, don't feel like you are special because of those 10 years, you still need 90 more.

Jimmypig responds:

But... But mom said....

Well then Reaxrami, I shall meet you here is 2103!

Thanks for the follow c:


2013-10-26 23:22:17

go on bro! now its time to hit the 20 year mark ^^

the past 3 years or so you really changed and got really qualitive!
now im curious what might happen in the next 3 years ;D.

i also love newgrounds like hell x) (especially how tom fulp worked his ass off to make such a nice website for us; that guy earned a trophy or something). almost every musictrack i have is from newgrounds already by the way :D
and man just think of how many great artists were born here: nal1200, xkore, paragon x9, cycerin, aether (jaytmusicuk), waterflame, nightkilla, f-777, zuneinc, or4nges, mrmilkcarton, keosni391, bounc3, dj.nate and a lot of other great bitches ^^. just purely awesome!


2013-10-28 12:28:25

10 years... OLD ASS N***A