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Space, Change and Ellie Goulding!

2012-09-05 12:46:00 by Jimmypig


What a year so far. After releasing the last EP "Reset" which has done pretty well, around 10k downloads and mainly positive feedback, I've decided to start on the next EP which will be loosely based around space and the universe. Lift Off is an early of that EP and you can hear it on my NG profile or at my other sites (I'll link them all at the end).

So far I've been to Global Gathering, SW4 fest and a private intimate DJ set with Skrillex and Flux Pavilion (fully amazing) and I've been relaxing on the writing to sort of learn and build inspiration. But now that's over, summer has gone and it's time to write. I recently made a remix of Ellie Goulding's "The Writer" but NG removed it, it's still on my SoundCloud and YouTube so get downloading before someone else stops it!

If anyone has noticed well done! You win. Since Scrapyard I took a bit of time off to learn more about mixing and mastering and really playing around with things to get my own "sound" and I think the best examples of that are Lift off, The Writer remix and the upcoming remix of Atrasolis - Control Tower which NO ONE is allowed to hear yet till he releases the EP but it's crazy/beautiful and has some interesting mixing techniques.

Thanks to all my fans and people who constantly give me the inspiration and praise to continue, everyone who listens to my songs day to day and feels connected to them and everyone who thinks these songs are good enough to want to tell their friends about. You guys justify me releasing everything for free, if one day the money comes great, but until then I know my work means something to a lot of people.


TL;DR - Good shit comin'. Check pages for old shit you missed. O and thanks.

Twitter: @Xsentinel

Reset EP:

Space, Change and Ellie Goulding!


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